Vagina Odyssey

I concede, I'm a work in progress

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My Man got me a collar. One night not too long ago he asked me to strip in our living room. Then he told me to close my eyes and he carefully led me to our bedroom. He asked me to get on my knees with my hands on my knees palm up. I heard him rummage through a drawer and soon after I felt him gently place the collar around my neck. I loved the weight and feel of it. He then tipped my chin up and kissed me…took my hand and led me into our hall. “Open your eyes” he said. I opened them to see a beautiful Willow Tree figurine of a mother, father and child on one of the shelves in the hall. He then said “first and foremost you are a Mother and my Wife…THIS” he said pulling at the collar “is nice but not why I love you most” a tear quickly slipped from my eye. Truly…and then we fucked….a lot. :-)

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New Toy!

I got my new 8” dildo with a suction cup today! I am stupid excited about using it! Just thinking about it right now gets me wet!